Crab vs. Lobster In (2020)


Crabs and lobsters are aquatic animals that have commercial importance as seafood. Crabs are eaten all over the world. Lobsters are considered exotic food and are a tad expensive when compared to other seafood.


Types of lobsters

include the American lobster, which is common, and Audresselles, the royal blue lobster which is relatively rare.

King Crabs are the most popular variety of crabs. Softshell crabs also have a loyal following. Other crabs that are commonly found in the menu include snow crab, golden king crab, red and king crab price

Taste of crab vs lobster

Crabs range from mildly sweet to a briny sea taste depending on the variety that is savored. The merus part of the legs of a crab is considered the tastiest.

Lobster meat is slightly harder than crabs and not as sweet. The small legs and claws contain maximum meat and taste delicious and tender.

Popular recipes

Many a delicious recipe uses crabs which can be consumed whole or only claws or legs etc. In Asia spices are added generously to improve crab culinary experience. Popular Asian crab recipes include ‘Chilli Crab’ and ‘Masala Crab’. In many countries, crab meat is extracted and then cooked. Crab is an integral part of the French dish Bisque. Soft shell crabs are eaten whole along with their shells, while crab meat is extracted and then placed inside its shell in a British dish called ‘Cromer crab’. Mixing crab meat with flour to make crab cake is popular in parts of the Eastern United States.

are used in soups, lobster rolls and bisque. Many recipes use lobster dipped in clarified butter giving it a sweet taste. Lobsters are steamed or boiled alive prior to baking, grilling or frying. Lobster Thermidor and Lobster Newberg are popular recipes.

Price comparison

Crab and lobster fishing is a commercially important business and caters to the ever increasing demand for crabs and lobsters from the food industry all over the world.

Prices of crabs vary depending on the type and size of crab. A small crab can cost around $3 while a jumbo strawberry crab can be priced anywhere between $20 to $30.

Lobsters are more expensive and considered luxury food. Even though lobster prices are on a downtrend the past year or so, a pound of lobster can cost around $10 to $6, thus a 5 pound lobster can cost a whopping $50.

Differences in Eating Habits

Crabs are omnivores and eat algae, mollusks, fungi, bacteria, other crustaceans etc. Their ideal diet consists of a mixture of plant and animal matter.

Lobsters are omnivores too and feed on fishes, worms and plant life. They do resort to cannibalism in captivity. They eat their shed skin during molting.


Crabs are found in freshwater and marine waters all over the world. They do favor the tropical and semi tropical areas though. They live in water and on land and can vary in size from a few millimeters in size like the pea crab to a few meters in size like the Japanese spider crab (4 m leg span). Lobsters live at the muddy and sandy bottoms of seas and oceans. The largest lobster caught (Nova Scotia, Canada) weighed 20.15 kilograms.