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The assignment of welcoming visitors may appear to be entirely straightforward yet it is positively not so natural. There are sure things you ought to consider for your visitors to go to the gathering. You are required to have at any rate 10 visitors to arrive at a decent completion and their support relies on how you react to their correspondence by means of emails.

You need to answer visitors’ emails multiple times inside 10 days before the gathering day for example eleventh day. Each visitor’s name incorporates a @ image in the name. On the off chance that you don’t finish three or you answer one of the inquiries wrong you will neglect to host the visitor go to the gathering. Be that as it may, in the event that you answer each of the three inquiries right your visitors will definitely go to your gathering and you get the opportunity to have an extraordinary closure.

It is trying to have a gathering particularly when you are required to have a specific number of visitors going to the occasion. Not knowing the right reaction to emails got from planned visitors isn’t just a block in facilitating a fruitful occasion yet it might prompt an awful completion of your relationships in Mystic messenger.

On our Mystic Messenger email direct page you’ll discover right responses to each email, from each visitor. Presently with V and Ray Route (Another Story) answers!

To get a typical or great consummation in Mystic Messenger, you should welcome visitors to the RFA’s gathering. You need at least ten affirmed visitors for a decent consummation.


Visitors will go to the gathering on the off chance that you make more right than wrong reactions while noting their emails. The right answers to all emails in Mystic Messenger are recorded underneath.

Visitors will email you and start discussions in the event that you recommend or concur that they ought to be welcomed during Mystic Messenger talk room meetings, and once in a while during visual novel fragments.

The visitors are recorded in alphabetic request by their username, which starts with the @ image. Use CTRL+F or your program’s in-page search capacity to discover what you’re searching for rapidly and without any problem.

While Casual and Deep Story share a typical pool of visitors, Another Story emails are unique. You’ll see them in their own segment at the base of the page – yet CTRL+F (work area) or find on page (portable) will take you right to them.

Need more assistance to open endings, jump on the correct course or intrigue your top picks talk amigo? You can discover walkthroughs, tips and different assets on our Mystic Messenger control center.

To get to an ordinary or great completion of your relationship in mystic messenger you host to welcome visitors to the get-together facilitated by Rika’s Fundraising Association or RFA. You will require in any event at least 10 visitors for a decent consummation.

The visitors will just go to the gathering on the off chance that you make increasingly right answers of mystic messenger emails as opposed to wrong ones while noting their correspondence through the emails. In our Mystic Messenger Email Answer Guide you will discover all the exact responses to get to an extraordinary consummation. During mystic messenger visit meetings on the off chance that you recommend that specific visitors ought to be welcome to your gathering, Guests will send you emails to start discussion of various sorts.

For facilitating a fruitful gathering the first and the principal thing that is normal from the player is the manner by which she is going to manage the planned visitors who will join the gathering.

In ordinary conditions a greeting will be by means of the virtual messenger that you will discover in the mystic messenger application. This is something that Jumin, V, 707, Yoosung, and Zen will be following intently, so ensure you do it well and right.

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