Vendor Compliant Logistics: What’s the Best Way to Achieve Complaint Logistics?

We often hear that great products “sell themselves”, which is only partly true. If you have a great product and people know it, then you should expect big sales. But how do you get people to know about your product? Advertising is the most obvious approach. But your product also needs to be highly visible on store shelves, and that means selling your products through major retailers. So, why doesn’t everyone sell products through major retailers? In many cases, it has nothing to do with the retailers and everything to do with their vendor compliance standards, a set of rules that establish how vendors must package, label, and ship freight in order for it to be efficiently processed for retail amid a high volume of other products. cek ongkir indah cargo logistik

Also known as vendor requirements, these rules can be expensive to implement when doing so requires the implementation of new infrastructure, particularly shipping process infrastructure. Smaller retailers usually have the least stringent rules, while larger retailers typically have the most stringent, and don’t mind dropping one seller for another when the rules aren’t met. That puts small to midsized companies that need to improve their sales number in a bind. Do they invest the money in shipping solutions necessary to ease the compliance process, or do they try to achieve compliance without new infrastructure? In all cases, the former is the wiser choice, and one that might not be as expensive as you think.

Three Logistics Methods that Sync with Vendor Compliant Logistics

Regardless of why you need shipping logistics, you have three options: implement your own logistics department, hire a third party logistics (3PL) provider, or implement logistic software, which allows you to handle your own logistics without possessing logistical expertise. As one would imagine, option one is the most expensive, with the second most expense option is 3PL, which can indeed be expensive when you hire a provider that yields the range of services you need for vendor compliance. The least expensive option is option three, logistics software, which is priced on software as a service (SAAS) scale.

The software is the best shipping process infrastructure for small to midsized companies, because it allows them the benefits that come with implementing a logistic department or hiring an upper level 3PL provider at a fraction of the price. The software decreases annual shipping cost, with a 10 percent decrease after the first year of implementation being common. The software is tailored to sync with a company’s shipping process, with options that can be updated as shipping needs change. To learn more about how logistic software can help your company with vendor requirements, contact a seller of vendor complaint logistic software online today.


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