Why Are Little Twig Products Great for Allergies?

Does your child have rough patches of skin that are either flesh-toned or red? Does she break out when she eats food that has milk, peanuts, or wheat? It is not uncommon for young children and even babies to react to irritants in their daily lives by breaking out in rashes or other various forms of allergic reactions. Their immune systems are not fully developed and cannot handle the overload of synthetic chemicals in their surroundings. Babies skin is up to five times thinner than skin of adults. The skin is also the body’s largest organ, and absorbs ingredients that are put on it throughout the day. https://cutify.co/

Little Twig bath and body products are especially formulated for babies, children, and even adults with sensitive skin and allergies. Their products, including baby wash, shampoo, sunscreen, bubble bath, and body milk (lotion) are formulated by dermatologists and tested by a pediatrician before they are ever allowed to come into contact with your baby’s skin.

All of Little Twig’s products are made using natural and organic ingredients, paraben and SLS free, hypoallergenic, paraben free, and contain no artificial colors or fragrances. Fragrances are notorious for hiding phtalates, a synthetic ingredient that is not only irritating, but can also be harmful to babies. The word ‘fragrance’ on ingredient lists can ‘hide’ harmful substances that would otherwise need to be labeled. It is best for children to use body products that are fragrance-free or scented using plant extracts and essential oils. Products that are scented using essential oils will be able to list the essential oil on the ingredient list.

Little Twig’s product line includes shampoo, baby wash, baby lotion, bath oil, bubble bath, and even sunscreen. There baby wash is wheat free, which is especially important when you realize that babies and young toddlers like to drink their bath water when you are not looking! Wheat allergies are becoming more and more common, and you should take careful precautions to avoid exposing your baby to possible allergens including nut and wheat.

One of their latest products is sunscreen, a skincare product that is notorious for being full of synthetic yucky ingredients. The technology is improving steadily, and Little Twig sunscreen is non-chemical, paraben and mineral oil free. Please be known that the sun can irritate skin that is sensitive by nature, so please take care in the sun. Be on the lookout for mineral based sunscreens, that use natural ingredients to provide sun protection. As always, reapply often and avoid the sun during peak hours.


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